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Before painting, Reardon's does a thorough job of cleaning the surface to be painted.  Here, owner WayneReardon, removes the old paint prior to putting 2 coats of fresh paint on the surface.

Here Reardon is shown removing the light fixture to avoid over spray.

All cracks in the stucco surface are sealed and repaired prior to painting.

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Stucco Surface Repair

Here owner Wayne Reardon is seen applying paint to the wood trim and surface of the house. A paint shield is used to avoid over-spray to the exposed tile surfaces.  All bare wood surfaces will be painted and worked in with a brush.  Reardon's applies a minimum of 2 coats of paint to your home. wood surfaces.

Masking plastic is applied to all window surfaces to avoid paint over-spray on the glass.  All concrete surfaces are also covered.

From the heat, varnished wood doors become dry and the varnish peels.  Here Reardon's uses a sander to completely remove the old varnished surface on the door.

In hard to reach places Reardon's uses a form fitting scrapper to remove old varnish in the groves of the door.  Notice the door handle has been removed so we can sand and scrape with out any obstructions.

Reardon's then spray paints the door with a minimum 2 cris cross coats of a high quality exterior varnish.

Reardon's has the ability to shape and form metal while on the job.

Here owner Wayne forms a custom made aluminum channel to divert water.

The custom made channel is installed to divert water away from the chimney and stop the roof from leaking.

Reardon's can change the color of the trim, if so desired by the owner, for a minimal cost.  Owner Wayne Reardon shows a custom made piece of aluminum capping to cover the trim. If you find your wood is damaged, we can totally cover all wood surfaces with aluminum to end peeling paint forever.

Important Stucco Restoration Techniques

The pictures below show a house to be repainted with an average amount of cracks.  It is important to note that a house that is not sealed properly will allow water to seep behind the stucco and cause the stucco to release from the house.  This can occur form an excessive amount of moisture or the water freezing in the winter.  When water gets between the outside stucco and inside walls, a significant amount of mold and mildew damage can occur.  This mold and mildew can cause sever health problems over time.


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