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Reardon's Aluminum Siding Refinishing in Ohio
This is where it all started for Reardon's. On this page you will learn in detail just what Reardon's offers the residents and business owners of Northeastern Ohio.  Reardon's can satisfy your needs
with Quality, Guaranteed, Long Lasting, Skilled Workmanship.

Reardon's Residential

Reardon's is the areas leader in residential painting and Reardon's does it all when it comes to houses. If your house is fading, getting chalky, looking weathered, turn to Reardon's Aluminum Siding Refinishing.

Wayne is Powerwashing a house and removing old flaking
paint before re-painting.

"Call us. We will make your house look like new!"

Reardon's Painting-- 5877 Cherrywood Dr. Lorain, Ohio 44053, 440-233-6852

New Computer Software

Reardon's is cutting edge! Reardon's has computer software to help you decide your specific colors. Reardon's brings a Lap Top and a Digital Camera out on your FREE ESTIMATE. With one shot of your house and a quick download onto the Lap Top the software can change your house from any to many shades of colors. From the house, to shutters, to the door and trim, you can see your house before the actual painting begins. Technology in painting, it really works!


Reardon's Industrial and Commercial

Reardon's has done exemplar Commercial and Industrial work for many places that need that added touch. No matter what the square footage Reardon's has a great crew of Spray Gun Specialists that will have their jobs done within a few days, weather permitting, so that your stores and company wont lose business! Whether its Chemical Masonary Restoration to a Complete Make-Over, Reardon's is your go to guys.

Back of Kronheims-Before Work  Completed

Touching Up The Awnings

Front of Kronheims Shopping Plaza-Work Completed
Reardon's Painting-- 5877 Cherrywood Dr. Lorain, Ohio 44053, 440-233-6852